Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unfolding Story

Oil on gallery wrapped canvas.  Each panel of this triptych is 8'” X 48”.  When hung as shown the total measures approximately 2’ X 4’. $1,000.



Photographing this was an adventure.  Please pardon my slightly sloppy cropping job that shows at the top.  The sides are painted black.  We thought about adding a second photo that shows the sides but that would have involved demolition of a wall and a possible divorce.


Linda said...

Gorgeous. How did your idea unfold for this? Did you see it before you painted it, or did it come as you were painting it? When I look at it, I think "apple."

Mean Jean said...

Apple! I like that. I start with a technique I want to mess with. In this case it was trying to be interesting but using subtle colors for the most part and letting the bold colors make brief statements. I hope that doesn't sound too overwrought!